a publication by Jeff Bright
A publication by Jeff Bright
In his first edition, Jeff Bright shares his 32 years of hunting experience for this great animal we call the whitetail deer. You’ll read about trips to the swamps of Florida, the pine flats of Georgia and the mountains of West Virginia. Come along for the ride as you enjoy the adventures of deer hunting, turkey hunting, funny road trips, first bucks, hunt camps, small towns and much more. This is a must read for the deer hunting enthusiast.
202 pages with 146 black/white photos
77 Short stories
Published by Southern Outdoor Adventures
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I couldn’t put it down. It sure brought back some great memories. It made me feel like I was back in time. I also think it will be great reading for any hunter that appreciates the outdoors. You did a great job. Rene Kortus 07-28-2009
I finished it last night with great pleasure. The pictures were a great idea that inhance the memories for those who lived the adventure and aid the imagination of the casual reader. Well done. Tom Cotton 07-14-2009
Loved it. Finished it yesterday. A fun book to read and well written. Any hunter will love it and I’m sure it will bring back great memories from the early years of deer hunting. Can’t wait to make some more adventures. Bill Williams 02-10-2010