Cades Cove Video

Well, just got done posting my first You Tube video. It was the footage that my wife and I shot at Cades Cove this past weekend. A little shaky but not to bad considering we didn’t have a tri-pod with us for the camera. That will not happen again. We took some great footage of some turkeys, bears and especially deer. We also threw in some footage of a giant 8-point in velvet from last year. My daughter did all the editing with me directing the time line. Sure was a great way to spend an afternoon. So, if you have a chance , sit back and watch.



2009 Cades Cove Trip

Just got back from our Cades Cove trip to Tennessee. Man was it ever fun. My wife Sandee and I went and did we see some deer. We must of seen 200 deer with about 10 different bucks. Most were nice 8-pointers with some spikes thrown in. As a bonus, we saw some monster gobblers also. 

Weather was great, nice and cool. On Saturday, when we got to the Cove, we looked up and saw some snow on the mountain tops. Temperatures were in the high 30’s to low 40’s. The leaves were gorgous with lots of yellows, golds and some reds also. So if you get a chance this fall, head to the Smoky Mountains and tell them Jeff says hello.