Nebraska Trip

Well, we just got back from our Nebraska deer hunting trip. Wow, what a long drive. Reed Lloyd and I decided to do something different this year. So after much discussion, we decided to go to Nebraska. It took about a day and a half to get there.

The good news is we saw a lot of pretty country. Missouri, Kansas, Illinios and Nebraska are completely different than Georgia. Lots of rolling farm land but not as flat as I thought. Was it cold? Well I about froze to death. The average temperature was about 18 degrees with a wind chill of about 10. That’s cold for this Florida boy.

The bad news is we saw a lot of deer but no bucks. We hunted the muzzleloader season which was about 2 weeks past the rut. Oh well. We did see pictures of some bucks killed during the gun season and they were monsters. In the end, we had tons of fun, but I would recommend flying plus hunting during the bow or gun season.