Just got back from our Ocala trip and boy did we have fun. It ended up being a 3 day trip of camping and fishing. We camped at Hopkins Prairie by the lake and fished at the old Rodman Dam. Fishing was slow but we still had fun.

 To our amazement, while we were collecting fire wood, we saw 2 black bears. A mother and her cub standing in the middle of forest road 65. They seemed unafraid of us and just walked off after awhile. We tried to get pictures, but we just weren’t quick enough. Billy said it was the first bear sighting he had ever had at Ocala. It was only my second sighting.

We had big fires every night and stayed up telling new lies and talking about the good old days. In the end we vowed to come back more often and enjoy the great Ocala National Forest.

Ocala Trip

Well so much for my hunting trip to Ocala National Forest. I’m not sure what I was looking at, but I found out the season in Ocala is over. Oh well. Instead it’s going to be a catfishing trip to the Rodman Resevoir. We’re going to camp at Hopkins Prairie and fish at night. During the day, we’ll scout around for some hunting spots for next year. Should be a blast.

Georgia Hunt Lease

Well after a year off from Georgia, I decided to join a lease with Philip Crawford. It’s located outside the small town of Broxton. They already have power, hot water and showers plus some trailers set up on the property. It will fun again to hunt with Philip. We haven’t hunted much together the last few years because we’ve been on different leases.

I went to West Virginia with Philip for about 20 years and the fun we had is just to much to tell. I killed my first buck in West Virginia with Philip so hopefully he’ll bring me good luck. 

 I’m going to try and video a few hunts so we’ll see how that works out. I might see if my wife wants to be the cameraman, but she’ll probably want to be paid, so we’ll have to work that out.  Anyway looking forward to a fun hunting season. 

Back to Ocala

Well after about a 25 year break, Bill Williams and I are going to try our luck at Ocala National Forest. We’re not sure what to expect. We figure to camp at Hopkins Praire and hunt the last weekend of the season. I know a lot has changed but it will be great to see and hunt Ocala again. I never killed any bucks there and maybe my luck will change after a long lay off. At the very least, we should have some great camp fires. I’ll let you know how it works out.