Florida Trail Hike

Well, just got back from our Florida Trail hike. Man did we have  fun. Bill Williams and I decided to hike the Ocala National Forest section of the trail. We started at Rodman Resevoir and would finish at Clearwater Lake Campground. Well to make a long story short, I developed about 10 blisters on both feet and was only able to go about 45 miles. We still had a blast. We camped out about 6 nights and it was great to reminisce about the old days with Bill.

 The first night we camped at Lake Delancey. Then we made camp behind the old 88 store and Billy got to ride a horse with one of the local cowboys. The next night we camped at the Salt Springs Spur trail at the small pond. Then we made our way to Hopkins Prairie. This is my favorite place in Ocala. At this point I was miserable with blisters.

I told Bill I could make it to Hidden Pond and then I had to make a decision about how far I could go. Hidden Pond is the gem campsite in Ocala and we had the entire site to ourselves. A great campfire and good food and this was just to perfect. I told Bill I could make it to Juniper Springs but that was it. It was just to painful. Thanks to a hiker friend we had made, Pokey-Man, we got a ride back to Rodman when we arrived at Juniper Springs. From there we headed to Clearwater Lake and finished our trip with pizza and sodas and a big fire.